The Budget and its impact on the Third Sector have inevitably led to wide-ranging comment in the charity, local and national media.

The economic situation is making life difficult for charities, especially for small charities like those Minerva supports. Sadly, a number of charities have closed their doors recently, with the likelihood of more to come.

However, the post-coronavirus economic situation has been with us for several years, and indeed the writing was on the wall before coronavirus when it soon became clear that post-Blair governments were going to reduce statutory support for small charities.

So it is surprising to read, for example, a statement by Tony Armstrong, the CEO of Locality, that “… council cuts mean that charities …are struggling to keep vital local spaces and services alive.” Surely all local charities have been aware for some time of the declining support from local authorities and central government, and therefore the need to address this challenge?

Minerva Fundraising’s advice

Minerva has been advising its clients since the middle of the first decade of this century that the Blair government’s support for charities was not guaranteed to continue after Tony Blair’s departure at the level to which charities had become used. Since then, we have consistently advised our clients to spread their fundraising – not to abandon applications for statutory grants, but to ensure that these applications are matched by similar requests to trusts and foundations, the National Lottery, individual major donors and other schemes, such as payroll giving.

None of Minerva’s clients this century, current or past, have had to close down owing to funding problems. This is surely a lesson to which many other charities might pay heed.