Charitable Giving Remains Resilient

There is a widespread – and understandable – assumption that as the economic situation has worsened and competition for both charitable and statutory grants has intensified, people have cut back substantially on their charitable giving.

In fact, a report by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) concludes that although giving levels have declined in recent years, […]

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The Economic Plight of Small Charities

The Budget and its impact on the Third Sector have inevitably led to wide-ranging comment in the charity, local and national media.

The economic situation is making life difficult for charities, especially for small charities like those Minerva supports. Sadly, a number of charities have closed their doors recently, with the likelihood of more to come. […]

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The State of the Charity Sector 2024

An election year has, unsurprisingly, resulted in a raft of reports on the state of the charity sector in general, and on their fundraising and financial challenges in particular.

The batting was opened in November 2023 with an open letter to the CEOs of UK banks from the Chief Executives of the Charity Commission for England […]

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Time for Reduced-Cost Services for Charities?

Should businesses, utilities, local authorities and other organisations offer reduced-cost services to registered charities and CIOs?

The public at large not only support charities and their work but also support the concept that charitable organisations, many of which are run entirely by volunteers, should benefit from services provided at below the commercial rate.

Of course, many organisations […]

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Charitable Giving & The Cost of Living Crisis

The economic state of the country and the effect of this on standards of living has given rise to yet another round of “doom and gloom” media reports about levels of charitable giving.

It would certainly be unusual if everyone kept on giving when money is tight at the same level as they had achieved when […]

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Unsolicited Funding Applications

A refusal to accept unsolicited applications is a particularly unfortunate attitude which prevents small – and often volunteer-led and run – charities from accessing grants. In a recent blog in the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) newsletter entitled “Why funders need to champion small charities”, Kate Symondson of the Symondson Foundation stresses on the one hand […]

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Are Grant-Making Trusts Holding Back?

The UK is fortunate in having over 60,000 grant-making trusts on whose generosity many charities – especially small ones – largely depend for funding core activities, projects, vehicles and other equipment items.

Many of these trusts give out their entire income to charities each year, and those that do not make a range of substantial grants […]

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Children England Closes

All of us were saddened by the announcement last month that Children England is to close. It is always a cause of enormous regret when any longstanding charity (81 years in Children England’s case) comes to an end, particularly when it is doing such demonstrably important work.

However, it is a particularly British trait that when […]

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Charity Commissiion & Small Charities

I make no apology about returning to the issues faced by small charities in the UK – this is where the core of Minerva’s work exists.

I have drawn attention in the past to the short straws sometimes drawn by small charities at the hands of trusts and foundations, corporate donors – and even individuals.

However, I […]

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Lankelly Chase Foundation to close

Charity giving and fundraising has been an important part of British life ever since the Statute of Queen Elizabeth in 1601 – and probably even before that.

The coronavirus crisis highlighted so much of what is good in our society, with individuals raising substantial sums for charity or for other groups of people less fortunate than […]

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