Charity Fundraising Services

At Minerva we realise the challenges faced by small charities which are suffering financially through the loss of statutory grants or Service Level Agreements and other contracts. We are geared to helping charities in this position to raise the funds they need in the most cost-effective way. Get in Touch

Feasibility studies

Many charities want the assurance that a fundraising campaign for agreed projects will be likely to achieve its potential or that specific potential funders will support the projects financially. Minerva’s feasibility studies provide you with clear predictions about the likely support from different funding sources.

Capital campaigns

Raising large sums for capital projects is often a daunting prospect for small and medium size charities, or for charitable organisations which do not fundraise on a regular basis. We provide services which give you the best chance of raising the sums you need in the timeframe you want.

Revenue fundraising

An increasing number of funders in the 21st century want to give to specific projects, whereas many charities want increased revenue for their core activities. We offer regular advice and fundraising direction so that you can increase your annual income without having to embark on costly activities in order to access project funding.

Funding sources

We provide advice covering the full range of funding sources. These include charitable trusts and foundations, statutory sources, fundraising events and the National Lottery. We also help our clients set up legacy fundraising campaigns and payroll giving schemes.

Strategic planning

For many charities, the end of a successful fundraising campaign solves the problems of today, but not the challenges of tomorrow. At Minerva, we offer continuation service after your capital campaign so that you can plan for the future and reduce your long-term fundraising costs.

Fundraising briefing

We realise that many smaller charities and voluntary groups want a basic understanding of fundraising techniques and sources of funds without the costs associated with a short or medium term contract. To meet these needs, we offer briefing sessions at venues of your choice where large and small volunteer groups can learn the bare essentials of raising funds for small projects.